After a phishing assault on a bZx developer, a hacker stole more than $55 million in cryptocurrency.

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2 min readNov 7, 2021

After a developer at bZx, a crypto business, fell for a phishing attempt, a hacker took millions.

According to The Block, a crypto site, SlowMist put the entire haul at $55 million.

“Personal losses from the team wallet account for around 25% of this sum,” bZx wrote on Twitter.

After one of its developers fell into a phishing assault, bZx announced on Friday that a hacker took millions of dollars in multiple currencies.

According to The Block, a crypto site, an outside security group assessed the total haul at $55 million.

In response to The Block’s story, bZx remarked on Twitter, “Roughly 25% of this sum represents personal losses from the team wallet that was stolen.”

On Friday, bZx published what it said were information of the hacker’s accounts, including $21 million in Ethereum. The attack was still being investigated by the firm, which is a decentralized-finance platform, or DeFi. The compromise impacted “lenders, borrowers, and farmers” who had funds on the Polygon and Binance Smart Chain platforms, according to the company.

“Funds were taken from the wallets of a small number of users who had allowed the unrestricted…



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