Despite the recent price decline, whales continue to accumulate Shiba Inus, purchasing 63 billion SHIB

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During the latest drop, huge wallet investors amassed 63 billion Shiba Inu tokens.
Shiba Inu have been amassed by Ethereum whales as a result of recent coin bloodbaths, diversifying their portfolio.
The number of Shiba Inu transactions has plummeted by half, generating a negative view among investors.
Analysts assessed the Shiba Inu price trend and anticipated that the memecoin’s slump would continue.

Shiba Inu has been amassed by large wallet investors as a result of recent crypto bloodbaths. Shiba Inu accumulation has historically been accompanied by a jump in the price trend of the Dogecoin-killer.

Despite recent whale buildup, analysts foresee a Shiba Inu downturn

Whales have amassed Shiba Inu tokens, according to statistics from Etherscan, a cryptocurrency tracker on the Ethereum network. Shiba Inu was acquired by several whales, adding 63 billion tokens to their portfolio.

The 63 billion SHIB is tracked by Etherscan to four Shiba Inu wallets. The first two transactions were the acquisition of 6.1 billion Shiba Inu and 1 billion Shiba Inu, respectively. The other two accounted for 28 billion Dogecoin-killer tokens.

A liquidity provider can be linked to the 28 billion Shiba Inu deal. Other transactions contributed SHIB to whale wallets, boosting their portfolio’s allocation to Shiba Inu.

Shiba Inu’s on-chain activity has decreased, according to analysts. The Shiba Inu network’s transaction count has decreased by half, fuelling a gloomy narrative for the memecoin’s price.

Despite new improvements in the Shiba Inu ecosystem, such as the collaboration with Welly’s and whale buildup, there is a reduction in activity. A decline in transaction volume is thought to indicate a drop in the price of a token.

Shiba Inu prices are expected to fall, according to cryptocurrency analyst @WalterCripto.

Walter — TREND RIDER@WalterCripto

Quick Update for the $SHIB army. $SHIB has been predicted perfectly by our Trend System (TS), right now is on a downtrend, if you belive on it just wait until reversal.



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