ShibX is a Shiba Inu Rewards Token that has been rebase.

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4 min readOct 16, 2021

ShibX is the Binance Smart Chain’s first Shiba Inu rewards token. The ShibX token is not only a utility rewards token that benefits holders, but the rebase feature in relation to the elastic supply allows for more consistent and exponential growth, letting the token to continue to expand at a high rate.

The ShibX token is unrivaled, and with a highly committed staff working to achieve the project’s short-term objectives, it’s clear that the ShibX project as a whole is serious about being a leader in the industry. Not only is their Shiba Inu rewards system very creative, but the team has also used their ever-present and tremendously engaged community to help convey their vision and objectives for the project.

The team has already done a lot for such a young initiative, and they want to make sure that their investors are satisfied and comfortable with the growth of their investments by depending on and investing in the ShibX project.

A Successful launch:

The ShibX team understands how critical it is to pull off a successful launch, especially on the BSC. SHibX was launched on Pancake Swap on October 10th, and not only was the launch a success, but what followed demonstrated the team’s work ethic and efficiency in getting everything done that was required to succeed. Throughout this journey, the ShibX team has maintained an open line of contact with its ecstatic community, assuring their investors that they are not going anywhere and that they want to give more stability to the Shiba Inu ecosystem.

While being a rebase token can be alarming to some, the steady rise that this particular rebase token has followed should really set the course for the future ahead; the team is doing everything possible to keep their promises; and the team’s marketing has been exceptional and run very smoothly thus far. While a rebase token’s elastic supply might reduce your token holdings, the true value comes from the Shiba Inu awards, which everyone in the crypto world adores, and which ShibX holders receive just by holding, believing, and seeing the project rise to heights few could imagine.

The team has offered added usefulness on their website through the dashboard function, which can track your rewards and also…

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